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Fedora CentOS 等Linux发行版SELinux安全设置问题重谈

2011 年 12 月 31 日 上午 11:37 | | 阅读次数 : 9,875 次

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500 OOPS: cannot change directory:/home/userDir


首先是两个命令,getsebool和setsebool,从名字上面就可以知道,这是设置SELinux相关配置的开关(布尔值),那就说明各项开关的作用就行了。 (更多…)


Get Fedora Linux 15 Beta prerelease

2011 年 04 月 20 日 上午 9:17 | | 阅读次数 : 5,624 次


很久没有关注Fedora了,早上一看,好家伙,现在都到 F15 Beta了,赶紧看看有啥更新,同时在想,我的Fedora Core 6也该换换了。。。


== Features ==

Desktop enthusiasts and end users of all sorts can look forward to:
    * Gnome Shell and the Gnome 3 desktop. Gnome 3 is the next major version of the Gnome desktop. After many years of a largely unchanged Gnome 2.x experience, GNOME 3 brings a fresh look and feel with GNOME Shell.
    * LibreOffice Productivity Suite. LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice, with the support of the community. All of the applications you know and love are still there, including apps for spreadsheets, document creation, and presentations.
    * Desktop environments a-plenty. The Xfce and LXDE spins have been updated, and the Fedora Spins SIG has other offerings tailored to a wide variety of user needs. 

Sysadmins will love features such as:
    * Appliance building. BoxGrinder creates appliances (virtual  machines) from simple plain text appliance definition files  for various virtual platforms, and is great for building appliances for use in a Cloud environment.
    * Dynamic Firewall. The dynamic firewall mode aims to make it  possible to change firewall settings without the need to restart  the firewall and to make persistent connections possible. 

Coders have lots of new development tools to try out, including:
    * Updates to popular languages. Python 3.2, Rails 3.0.3, and  OCaml 3.12 are all included in Fedora 15.
    * Project tooling. Maven 3 is a Java project management, project  comprehension, and build system tool.
    * Compiling and debugging. GDB gets an update to 7.3, and GCC 4.6 is included. (Fedora 15 has also been rebuilt using GCC 4.6!) 



VMWare DNS 问题导致 很多应用服务连接缓慢

2011 年 03 月 16 日 下午 5:48 | | 阅读次数 : 10,011 次



例如 Mysql

在my.cnf 或者 my.ini里面加上下面的语句


在 sshd_config 文件里面加上一下语句
UseDNS no
GSSAPIAuthentication no 

然后重启相关的服务即可,还有一个比较傻瓜的全局解决办法,但是不太推荐。就是在 Hosts 文件里面加上本机的ip,作于域名来使用。